TINGASOUL designs ethnical inspired fashion. Colourful, unique designs, Soul of the Earth

Ethnic Inspired Designer Fashion

We sell our own unique ethnic inspired designer fashion for people who are not afraid to wear bright clothing and sneakers. It is not about being a hipster or not, it is about finding a print beautiful, and having the self-confidence to wear it. 

In an era when almost everyone wears the same shoe brands, and purchases their clothing in the same retail stores, we want to suggest a different path, and redefine what fashionable can mean.
We work in an innovative way combining different sorts of textiles in order to create unique designs, and we pay attention to details.
For us, fashionable means being different, setting new trends, and being proud of what you wear.

Tinga means Earth in an African dialect, so TINGASOUL means the Soul of the Earth. With this name, it is important for us to sell products that are respectful of the Earth (use of GOTS organic cotton, climate-neutral production), respectful of the people that produce them (fair trade, and no child labor), and respectful of our customers (providing top quality products and good customer service).
We work mainly with prints from Africa and Japan but we are open to any print. We try to design our clothing collection in a way that adds value to the beauty of the original print.

If you want to wear a beautiful piece of clothing made with an authentic print, TINGASOUL is made for you.

We are TINGASOUL. Will you support us?